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Xenon lamp Weather Resistance Testing Chamber (water cool)

Weather testing chamber (water cool)

Model: QHX-3500


The weather resistance test chamber can simulate light, raining, spray, light dark alternation, changing temperature and humidity, thus to determine the materials weather resistance charateristics.

Standards compliance

GB/T8430 GB/T12831 GB/T14576 GB/T8427 GB/T1189 GB/T9344 GB 150.7 GB/T16422.1 GB/T1865 GB/T2423.24; AATCCTM16 ASTMG26 ASTM D2565  ASTMD4459 ASTM D6695 ASTM G155 SAE J1885 SAE J2412 SAE J2212  SAE J1960 SAE J2527 AATCC169; ISO105 ASE J1885KJ ISO11341 ISO4892 ISO03917 ISO11341 ISO 4892-2; PV 1303 PV 3929 PV 3930 DVM 0067- MA HES D6601 NES M0135 TSL 0601G  GMW3414  EDS-T-7415  D47 1431.




Chamber temperature range 20~80℃; resolution: 0.1℃
Chamber humidity control range Light circulation: 10~85RH%; resolution: 0.1RH%Dark circulation: 30~100RH%; resolution: 0.1RH%
Standard blackboard thermometer 35~125℃; resolution: 0.1℃
Blackboard thermometer( optional) 35~120℃; resolution: 0.1℃
Testing time control range ≤10000h
Irradiance control range 0.6~2.05W/m2@420nm;(340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm or 280-800nm optional)Accuracy: ±0.02W/ m2@420nm; digital setup, automatic offset;
Xenon lamp rate power 3.0KW
Sample frame turning speed 1-10rpm, can be setup
Sample clamp distribution diameter Φ420mm
Sample clamp number Bask area: 2188cm2 , 27pcS(GB);  18pcs(AS)
Sample clamp timing ≤10000h
Photoperiod ≤1000h
Spraying period ≤1000h
Power supply AC380V±10%  50Hz  10KW
Overall size 1200×900×1800mm
Weight 360kg


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