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Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber

xenon lamp climatic test chamber

Model: CT-XL


GB/T2423.24-1995, GB/T16422.2, GB9344, GB/T1865-97, ASTM G155-04


The xenon lamp climatic testing chamber is used for climatic simulation test for many different kinds of materials ( glass, textiles, rubber, plastics), thus can evaluate the change on color, gloss, flaw, foam, embrittlement, oxidation under real climatic environment. It’s widely used in different labs. The xenon lamp can simulate full spectrum of sunlight, thus can reappear destructive waveform under different environment.


Enclosure made of cold rolling steel sheet with static plastic spraying, liner made of high quality mirror stainless steel, nice appearance

Accurate temperature control of blackboard, radiation and darkness period can be tailor made according to relevant standards or customer’s requirements.

Intelligent digital controller with timing function, accurate and reliable temperature control

Downward type operation door enable fast, easy, flexible sample installing

Installed with radiation transducer, which can make in-time correction if there is light energy decline caused by lamp aging or any other factors.

Technical Specifications

Model CT-XL025 CT-XL025N

Blackboard temperature range

45-90 degree C

Sample cell air temperature range

35-65 degree C
Radiation strength Approx 40W/m2 under 300-400mm
Xenon lamp power 1500W, 2500W
Protection degree Electric leakage, circuit open, short circuit
Sample bench size 251*457mm(W*D*H)
Overall size 775*521*648 mm(W*D*H)
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Configuration   Equipped with paper free recorder

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