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paving asphalt test equipment asphalt wheel rutting tester

Model: WRT0719


The wheel rutting tester is used to determine the road asphalt mixture wheel-rutting resistance under high temperature, also it can test the asphalt mixture stability under high temperature at field. It’s kind of very common asphalt testing instrument.

Main features

Floor type, PC control, automatic temperature control, automatic timing, real-time display of rutting displacement, automatic recording of displacement graph, test report print.

Synchronous graphical indicating of time & displacement, time & temperature

PWM method for temperature control, high temperature stability, absolute temperature sensor acquisition, no temperature drift in on time test

High definition A/D, D/A module guarantee accuracy of displacement and temperature measuring; external cycling heating guarantee uniform temperature in the constant temperature chamber.

Technical specification

Sample size 300mm×300( or 150)mm×(50~100)mm
Working mode crank connecting rod to drive the test bed
Wheel Rubber hardness 78±2 (standard hardness) when at 60℃
Test-wheel move distance 230mm±10mm
Back and forth rolling speed (42±1)time/min( single trip)
Contact pressure 0.7MPa±0.05Mpa /60℃
Displacement measuring range 0mm~130mm
Displacement measuring accuracy <0.01mm
Rutting test time 45-240mins
Constant temperature control range RT~80℃ freely set, ±0.3℃
Deformation measuring ±0.3%, resolution is 0.005mm
Working power AC(380±10%)V, 50Hz, 3kW
Overall size 1315×785×1400mm(L*W*H)
Net weight 500kg


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