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Walk In Environmental Test Chamber

walk in environmental testing chamber



The walk in environmental test chamber can simulate natural environment conditions such as low temperature, high temperature, high temperature humidity, low temperature humidity and other complicated conditions, it’s widely used to test the environmental reliability of construction materials, plastics, electronic products, food, clothes, vehicles, metal, chemicals, composite materials etc., it’s kind of common environmental testing chambers.


1. GB10586-2006-damp and hot test chamber technical standards

2. GB10589-2006- low temperature test chamber technical standards

3. GB10592-2008-high low temperature test chamber technical standards

4. GB11158-2006-high temperature test chamber technical standards

5.GB/T2423.1-2001-Test A:low temperature test method

6.GB/T2423.2-2001- Test B:high temperature test method

7. GB/T2423.3-1993 -Ca: constant damp heat test

8.GB/T2423.4-1993 – Db:alternate damp heat test method

Technical Specifications

Model CT-BR 6.8P   CT-BR – 10P  CT-BR – 15P CT-BR – 20P CT-BR – 28P CT-BR -40P

Testing  chamber size

180×210×180 270×210×180 360×210×200 470×210×200 450×210×300 480×210×400
Overall size (W×H×D)cm 235×260×200 235×260×200 415×260×220 525×260×220 505×260×320 535×260×420
Working  temperature range -65℃~120℃)(A:0℃,B:-20℃,C:-40℃,D:-65℃)
Humidity  range 30%~95%RH Temperature  deviation ≤±0.5℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤±2℃ Humidity  deviation +2/-3%RH
Temperature rise time ≤60min Cooling  time 30min~180min(vary by different model)
Material made External cover SECC steel sheet+ powder paint,liner SUS#304, thermal insulation layer adopts PU foaming and thermal insulation cotton
Temperature humidity control system Original imported brand full closed or semi closed compressor, R134a/R404a/R23 refrigerant, side or top blow, high performance heater, steam humidification, ADP critical dew point dehumidification mode wind or water cool mode
Controller 0.1%RH brand touch screen, or digital display,
Programmable, constant value mode running, PID mode, input signal is PT100 resistance
Observe window Multi layer hollow electric coating film heating explosion proof glass
Other accessories test hole, spotlight, trundle, shelf, or as per customer requirement
Safety protection function Over temperature, electric leakage, water shortage, humidity system, compressor over pressure, overload, overcurrent, fan overload, phase sequence
Power supply AC380℃(1±10%)V,50±0.5HZ, 3 phase 4 wire + protection earthing line
Optional accessories Multi channel Temperature & humidity recorder,
Extension products:Constant temperature humidity chamber, high low temperature test chamber, high temperature aging chamber, burning test chamber
Noted: both the test chamber size and temperature humidity specifications can be tailor made

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