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Vibration compaction forming machine

vibration compaction forming machine

Model: ZY-4


The vibration compaction forming machine is Used in road laboratory for aggregate research and preparation, it’s designed and made by complies to the JTJ052—2000 and AASHTO standards.


High compacting density and good compacting effect, also won’t break the grading.

Free set of vibrating frequency and vibratory power

Free change of static pressure

Free change of compacting time

Imported inverter and high reliability vibration parts adopted

Lateral force cancelled out, reduce shake, reduce noise and body vibration

Compaction displacement indication

Improved structure design, reduced the body resonance

Compaction displacement scale indication

Technical specifications

Vibration frequency 28~30Hz (0~30hz adjustable)
Vibratory force 6800~6900Kg(0-10000N adjustable)
Static pressure 0~1900n
Vibrating time 0~10mins
Suitable mould

Φ152 ×150mm, 400×100×150mm or others( tailor made)

Power supply AC 380V/50HZ, 1.5KW
Overall size 1150×760×1700mm
Weight 450kg
Vibration device lifting mode Automatic/manual
Vibration mode Dual-shaft eccentric vibration
Exciting force control mode Variable frequency

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