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Vacuum Cabinet Type Sintering Furnace

vacuum box type sintering furnace

Model: ZLXS-1700


This vacuum cabinet type sintering furnace is ideal equipment for atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction test in lab.


Heating element: quality silicon molybdenum rod

Structure: 3-layer

Temperature control system: PID 30, phase shift trigger, silicon controlled control

Hearth material: aluminium oxide polycrystalline fibre

Air cooling system between internal & external system

External whole sealing, cover and furnace gate use high temperature silica gel O ring

Water cooling system at furnace door

The KF25 interface can connect with vacuum pump

Can connect with H2, Argon, N2, O2, CO, ammonia decomposition or other protection gas

Atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction

Compact size, uniform temperature, fast temperature raise & drop.

Technical specifications

Hearth size


Normal working temperature


Highest temperature


Temperature control

30 stages programmable control(or LCD touch screen display)

Temperature accuracy


Temperature control protection

Over temperature and thermocouple protection function

Heating element

Quality silicon molybdenum rod

Working voltage

AC 220V,  50HZ  or customized

Power supply


Temperature test element

B type thermocouple

Net weight


Furnace structure

Vertical, horizontal, integrated, split

Door open mode

Side open, upper open, lower open, side slip

Standard accessories

Crucible tongs, high temperature glove, thermocouple, gate plug

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