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UV Aging Testing Chamber

UV Climatic testing chamber UV Aging test chamber


Model: CT-UV


The UV climatic testing chamber uses fluorescent light UV lamp as the light source, through simulating the UV radiation and condensation in natural sunlight to perform accelerated climatic test on materials. It can simulate UV, raining, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, black, and can autorun cycle index.


GB/T14522-93, GB/T16585-1996, GB/T16422.3-1997, ASTM D4329,D499,D4587,D5208,G154,G53, ISO 4892-3,ISO 11507,EN 534,PREN 1062-4,  BS 2782,JIS D0205, SAE J2020

Technical Specifications

Testing chamber size 450×1170×500mm
Overall size 580×1280×1450mm
Temperature range RT+10 ~70
Humidity range 90~98%R·H
Temperature uniformity  ±2
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5
Temperature mode PID self tunning mode
Lamps center distance 70mm
Sample and lamp surface distance 50mm
 Standard specimen size 75×150mm,75×300mm(or tailor made)
Trough water depth 25mm automatic control
Effective radiation area 900×210mm
Lamp wavelength range UV-A 315-400nm, UV-B 280-315nm
Testing period 0~999h adjustable
Blackboard temperature 40 ~65
Working mode UV light, condensation time alternate adjustable
Ambient temperature 5 ~ 32
Ambient humidity ≤85%
Power supply AC 380(±10%)v/50hz, 3phase, 4wire
Capacity 5kw


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