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Ultrasonic flaw detector

Ultrasonic flaw detector

Standards: JJG 746-2004

Model: CDI-U610


The Ultrasonic flaw detector is a portable industry NDT instrument, it can inspect the flaw, loosen, pore inside many kinds of materials.

Technical specifications

Item Index
Power  supply AC: 220V±10%, DC: +9V
Working  time >5 hours
Total  weight 1.25kg1.25kg(including Li battery)
Overall  size 210*149*60mm(L*W*H)
Display 5.7Inch, highlight, true color LCD
Storage 4GB TF card
Operation  system Embedded system
Operation  mode Touch screen+ presskey
Working  way  Single/double/transmission
Measuring  way Pulse front edge, peak value
Detection  mode Positive half wave, negative half wave, whole wave, RF wave
Launch  voltage High (360V) or low 110V
Emission  frequency Manual, automatic high/middle/low
Gain  range 0~110dB
Detection  range 20000mm
Material  sound speed 200~16000m/s, Continuous adjustable, 7 common material sound speed
Waveform  restrain 0~80%
wave filter 1M,2M,4M,5M,10M,13M,15M, wideband
Vertical linearity error ≤2.5%
Horizontal linearity error ≤0.03%
Sensitivity  surplus >45dB (200Φ2 flat -bottom hole)
Definition 55dB
Dynamic  range 54dB

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