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Online Ultrasonic Doppler flow Velocity meter( depth measurement)

Online ultrasonic Doppler flow velocity meter ULSS online ultrasonic Doppler flow meter probe

Model: ULSS-1B

The ULSS-1B Online Ultrasonic Doppler flow meter can measure the flow velocity and water depth in real-time, it’s designed according to the “ Doppler effect” principle. it has no rotary parts, it can test transient flow velocity and average velocity. it’s kind of advanced hydrological instrument.


High accuracy, wide range, can test both the weak and high current

High sensitivity, high resolution, no limit by the start flow velocity

Fast response speed, can test transient velocity and average velocity

Linear test graph

No mechanical rotary part, so have no convolving problem caused by sediment or water plants, specially suitable for the liquids with high content of suspended solids and water plants

Large LCD display with backlight

Mass storage unit can save 8000 groups data

Time function avaliable

Data software available for storage, print, and output

Real time display flow velocity and temperature value

Automatic and manual test mode available

GPRS can transit the test data to up to 5 designated users terminal

Technical specifications

Velocity test range 0.02~7.00m/s
Test accuracy ±1.0%±1cm/s
Water temperature test range 0~40±1℃
Depth test range 0~20m/±0.3%F.S, 0~100m /±0.6% F.S
Water depth 0.2~80m( can be increased to 200m)
Test mode Automatic/manual
Bearing cable Direct bearing or hanging
Test interval Automatic mode: 0-120min optional, min interval 5mins
Manual mode: single or continuous multimetering, free interval
Test duration Automatic mode: 60s/100s
Manual mode: 10~120s
Display 128×64 LCD
Probe sealing pressure >1.2Mpa
Working power Ac220v,50hz, ±10%; DC 12v ±10%( can add battery)
Power consumption Working: 600ma/7W
Standby current: 15Ma, <0.18WA
Storage capacity 5000 groups test data storage capacity
Interface USB or serial port( can equip GPRS,GSM function on Request)
Probe size & weight 510×180×180mm, 5.5kg
Main machine size & weight 235×215×90mm, 1.86kg
Carrying case size 620×560×300mm

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