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TrichloroEthylene recycling apparatus

TrichloroEthylene recycling apparatus

Model: HHS-1


The Trichloroethylene recycling apparatus is used to recycle polluted combustible solvent, it can also recycle Benzene by working with the asphalt mixture extractor.

Technical specifications

1.Temperature control range: 50 ~ 200 °C

2. Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

3. Power: 1000W×2

4. Recycle capacity: 10L / h

5. Total weight: 18kg

6. Overall size: 610×460×550(L*W*H)

7. Ambient temperature:  ≤35°C

8. Relative humidity:  ≤85%

Operation step

1. Place the apparatus on a stable working table

2.Unlock the cap, fill with asphalt mixture extraction liquid, the filling quantity is about 1500ml~3500ml, guarantee the liquid can be observed on the tube and the heating pipe is submerged in the extraction liquid, lock the cap, align the case cover, lock the agrafes.

3. Connect the water inlet pipe with the tap water, return pipe with the water tank, open the water valve.

4. Connect with the power supply

5. After recycling, firstly cut off the power, then close the water valve, after exhaust the recycling liquid and asphalt liquid, pour out the liquid. If the apparatus will be in break time for long, should clean the evaporation chamber and the condensation chamber before keeping.


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