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Tiltable Rotary Tube Furnace


tiltable rotary tube heating furnace

Model: GLXQ-1100


Tiltable roll tube type heating furnace features safe, reliable, easy operation, high control accuracy, good thermal insulation, wide temperature range, uniform temperature, fast temperature rise.

Three cooling fan, dual layer structure, high purity alumina fibre material.

The quartz tube rotate in 0-7RPM, electric lifting of the furnace, can customized as per customer’s specifications

Can choose single set point or 50 stages programmable controller. Power saving ceramic fibre material and dual layer structure, can let the surface temperature on normal temperature.

Long uniform temperature area, good sealing. The furnace tube can choose heat resistant steel, quzrtz glass, ceramic tube.

this furnace is mainly used for sintering of inorganic chemicals, such as powder metallurgy, ceramic, fireproofing material, Lithium battery anode and cathode materials.

Polycrystalline fibre herth, power saving and corrosion resistant

light in weight, fast temperature rise, power saving, thermalstability,

Furnace tube made of high purity quartz glass material

dual layer liner, equipped with air cooling system, fast temperature rise and drop

Dual layer and liner structure with air gap keep always normal temperature of the furnace

Flange with dual ring sealing technology, multi connectors on flange, can connect with vacuum gauge, vacuum corrugated pipe

built in alloy type heating wire, fast temperature rise, long tooling life

Quality built in type alloy electric heating wire, high heating efficiency, antioxidation,corrosion resistance, fast temperature rise, long tooling life, little deformation, easy installation and repair

Easy operation, accurate temperature control, multi stage programmable, automatic control and running, clear status indication of voltage and output current.

Technical specifications

Overall size 1500×380×620mm (furnace + rotation part, or customized on request)
Furnace tube size Φ60mmx1000mm
Warm area length 400mm
Thermastatic area length 240mm
Working temperature 1100℃
Highest temperature 1200℃
Temperature control system 50 stages PID MCU programmable control( LCD touch screen optional)
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control protection Over temperature and thermocouple broken function
Heating rate 0~20℃/min
Heating element Alloy heating wire
Rotary control Furnace tube rotation rate: 0-7rpm, can set as continuous rotation or intermittent rotation
Power supply Ac 220v,  50hz (or customized)

Max working power

Air tightness 4.03×10-3pa
Hearth material Japanese made hearth material, no powder lose, good heat insulation, high reflection rate, uniform temperature, little temperature deformation
Flange connector Equipped two stainless steel vacuum flange, digital vacuum gauge and digital vacuum valve are already installed
Sealing system  Silica gel o type ring between furnace tube and flange, easy dismount,guarantee no deviation of the pressure gauge in 12hrs
Hearth tube  Gas fusing quartz furnace tube, corundum crucible furnace tube, can dismount repeatedly, good air tightness, can guarantee pressure gauge no deflection within 12hrs
Temperature measuring element  k type thermocouple
Furnace cover temperature ≤45℃
Net weight 100kg
Standard accessories Gas fusing quartz furnace tube, vacuum flange, high temperature glove, crucible hook, thermocouple, heatproof cover, corundum crucible, furnace plug
Certification CE

Noted: the furnace size & temperature can be customized according to customer requirements.

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