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Three Chamber Programmable Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Thermal Shock test Chamber


Model: CT-TCJ


The thermal shock test chamber is used to test the temperature shock resistance of various materials, the temperature shock resistance of material is obtained by the applicability under extremely high and low temperature condition, thus to know the material and products quality. The temperature shock test chamber is kind of very common environmental test chamber.


Including high temperature area, low temperature area, test area, the sample is placed in the test area, with unique thermal and cool storage design, the sample will keep static when running the test;

Large LCD touch screen MCU control system, easy operation & easy observation of the running status

Full sealed imported compressors, friendly refrigerant, plate cool heat exchanger, ultralow temperature cooling system

LAN communication port available, can connect with computer;

Can independent set high temperature, low temperature, hot cool shock three kinds of functions

Can preset precool, preheat, standby function;

Can setup the circling times and defrost times, automatic (manually) defrost;

Friendly human machine interface, easy program setup, abnormal and error prompt on screen


GB/T2423.1-1989low temperature test method

GB/T2423.2-1989 high temperature test method

GB/T2423.22-1989 temperature varying test method

GJB150.5-86 temperature shock test

GJB360.7-87 temperature shock test

GJB367.2-87 405 temperature shock test

Technical Specifications

Model CT-TCJ27 CT-TCJ50 CT-TCJ 80 CT-TCJ 150 CT-TCJ 225
Internal volume(L) 27 50 80 150 225
Internal  size(cm) 30×30×30 35×40×35 40×50×40 50×60×50 60×70×60
Overall size(cm) 110×115×160 135×125×180 147×135×150 192×155×160 220×165×170
High temperature chamber Preheat temperature range 60~+200℃, heating rate 35min
Low temperature chamber Precool temperature range -55/-65~-10℃, cooling rate 55min
Test temperature range -40,-55,-65~+150℃( can be tailor made)
Temperature recovery time Approx. 3~5min
Material Internal material SUS304 steel sheet
Enclosure material SUS304 drawbench steel sheet or antirust processing cool rolling steel sheet with plastic sprayed

Heat insulation material

Ultrafine glass cotton+ polyamine foam

High temperature chamber

Heater: nichrome electric heating wire heater, heat storage device
Fan: centrifuge fan and axial flow fan

Low temperature chamber

Heater: nichrome electric heating wire heater, heat storage device
Chiller: finned heat exchanger, chiller
Fan: centrifuge fan
Driving unit Pneumatic air cylinder
Air compressor(optional)
Refrigeration unit Refrigeration method: mechanical dual overlap mode
Compressor Internal brand original import, full or semi sealed compressor, no noise
Refrigerant Environment friendly  r-507/r-23a
Evaporimeter Finned heat exchanger, chiller
Condenser SUS braze plate heat exchanger
Controller Operation menu OYO or YEMI original imported colorful LCD
Running mode Constant & programmable
Program volume 120 unit program, each program max 999 sections

Set value range

Resolution 0.1℃
Input Pt100, t type thermal couple
Control mode PID

Communication function

Print 6 point recorder(optional)
Other functions

Up low limit alarm, self diagnose, alarm indication(error cause), timing (automatic start, off)

Standard configuration 1 observe window, 1 50mm test hole, sample frame, spotlight 1pc
Auxiliary functions Timer, over temperature protection, sensor up down wind selection, power failure protection, alarm record, test curve record, test suspend, running time indication
Safety device RCCB, over temperature, low temperature protection, air vent valve, sample power supply control terminate, compressor over pressure, overheat protection, water supply cut off breaker, fan hot breaker, motor temperature switch, motor anti-reverse breaker, compressed air pressure gauge, fuse

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