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  Model: KXY-1 Description This pore pressure meter is used to measure the pressure of non-corrosive gas or liquids, it’s often used to test the pore pressure in triaxial test, and static lateral pressure in KO consolidation test. It’s kind …

Model: FBS-32E Standards: GB/T7742 ,  FZ/T60019,  ISO2960,  ASTMD3786 Applications The fabric bursting strength tester is used to test the expansionary force and expansionary ratio of various kinds of fabrics, non-woven fabrics, leather when they are suffering stress from axial and longitudinal …

HYH-880 Constant temperature humidity cement curing chamber

  Standards: CTM-300S Standards: GB/T17671-1999, ISO 679:1989 Application Cement mortar flexure strength test, compression test Features Double test space, space saving, Computer control, easy in operation, automatic test Technical specifications Max. test Load 300KN/10kN Load relative error ≤±1% Load rate 0.3KN/S~10KN/S(comression) …

UTM-D Servo Electro-hydraulic Universal Testing Machine catalog

Model:HBE-3000 Description The electric Brinell hardness tester can test ferrous and non-ferrous metal Brinell hardness, it’s kind of common material hardness tester. It’s loaded by close-loop sensor, controlled by electric system. It features high accuracy, good repeatability and stable performance, …

Soil Test Instruments Products catalog

Description This tester is used to test the vertical permeability characteristics of geotextile and other relevant products under constant head, it’s suitable for any type geotextiles except the  membrane types . Standards compliance  ISO 11058, GB/T 15789, JTG E50 T1141, …

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