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Sulfur Dioxide Testing Chamber

Sulfur Dioxide Testing Chamber


Standards: DIN  50018, GB/9789-88


The Sulfur Dioxide Testing Chamber is used to test the acid sulphurous corrosion resistance of material, it’s kind of common environmental testing equipment.

Features & Principle

Enclosure material: PVC reinforced hardened plastic sheet, smooth and aging resistant, corrosion resistant

Liner material: PVC plastic board

Cabinet cover material: high quality imported PVC shock resistance board, easy for observation when testing, water for sealing to avoid out gas escape

Gas waste discharge system located on the right side of the control cabinet

PP high temperature resistant board for heating, water trough heating mode, fast temperature rise and uniform temperature

Equipped with 1pc sulfur dioxide gas slack barrel

U type Ti alloy high speed electric heating heating tube

Intelligent high accuracy digital PID MCU

Gas enter the chamber and mix with the water vapor then generate sulphurous acid corrosion resistant pipe as the gas guide tube

Over temperature & water lacking

Fuse free protection switch

Test running indication

The waste gas is filtered by activated carbon and sodium carbonate then exhaust to outside

Technical Specifications

Air concentration 25 ±5 ppm(0.1~1% free adjustment by volume )
Temperature range 25±2,75±5%RH(with refrigeration system)
Temp. Range 40±3, 100%RH(no refrigeration system
Temperature uniformity ≤2
Temperature fluctuation  ±0.5
Timing range 0-9999 H.M.S(adjustable)
Ambient temperature 5~+28
Ambient humidity ≤85%
Power supply AC 220V(±10%)V/50HZ
Temperature sensor PT100
Sulfur dioxide supply Gas cylinder
Sulfur dioxide concentration 25±5 ppm, 0.1-1% free adjustment

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