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Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer SAE ASTM

Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer SAE ASTM

Model: NSCJ-1

Standards: SAE, ASTM, VDA, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mazda, JIS, Nissan, VW, Toyota


The Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer is used to perform below tests: external coating cohesiveness broken test, interlayer adhesiveness broken test, hardened glass brittleness thickness, anti-strip optimal coating thickness, anti-strip of plastic and glass, collision-resistant, abrasion resistance.


Comprised of standard parts, equipped with easy to assemble and unassembled parts, can perform all main Stone Chip Resistance tests of car material. Universal adjusting device, 0-180 impact degree freely adjust.

Test platform impact window: 300*300 mm, equipped with flexible supporter which can adjust window size to suite different size sample.

Integration structure of collision cabinet, the whole impact device located in the inside of the collision cabinet, including test sample. This design avoid the shock medium to splash out of the cabinet.

Large volume gas storage tank up to 170L, more stable shock air pressure

Standard parts including: shooting components, collision cell, sample clamper

Easy & fast sample loading and external stone receiving box

Touch screen for easy operation

Safety device: when the collision cabinet door is open, or the collision cell is not installed, safety switch will turn off the test automatically, also has electricity leakage protection function, overpressure, pressure leakage protection function.

Can tailor made different test clamps (including 3D test)as per different samples, also can make the Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer as per customer’s specifications. Such as QCT468-2010

Technical Specifications

  1. Test conditions: temperature +5-+35℃, relative humidity ≤85%RH
  2. Pressure range: 0-1Mpa (adjustable)
  3. Flow range: 0-0.08m3/S (adjustable)
  4. Compressed air tube inner diameter: 12.7mm, 19mm or higher
  5. Jet gun tube inner diameter: 52.6mm\290mm
  6. Air groove volume: 136L
  7. Noise: ≤130dba
  8. Sample test angle: flat plate type by 54°, 90°
  9. Air pressure range: 0-0.8Mpa adjustable
  10. Overall size: 1800*850*1650mm(L*W*H)
  11. Shooting assembly: SAE, VDA one each

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