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Stainless Steel Tipping Bucket Hyetometer

stainless steel tipping bucket hyetometer

Standards: GB/T11832-2002, GB/T11831-2002


Double direction tipping board improved the measuring accuracy;

Stable water storage, good repeatability

Tipping board has shock absorption function, less rebound, better performance

Stainless steel rain tube edge, stainless steel filter

Full stainless steel made: tipping bucket, receiving funnel, drainage funnel, support, base.

Technical specifications

Model YLJD-02 YLJD-05
Resolution 0.2mm 0.5mm
Tipping bucket angle 20°-25° 20°-25°
Receiving tube diameter 200mm 200mm
Edge angle 40-45° 40-45°
Rainfall range 0.01mm/min-4mm/min, Max allowed rainfall: 8mm/min
Accuracy degree ±3%, ±2%  ±2%, ±1%
Measuring range ≤±4%(unidirectional tipping board)≤±3%(biodirectional tipping board) ≤±3%(unidirectional tipping board)≤±2%(biodirectional tipping board)
Output signal two-way reed switch switching value signal

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