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Sand And Dust Test Chamber

Sand and Dust Test Chamber


Model: CT-SC


The sand and dust test chamber is specially used to perform environmental test thus provide reference for scientific research, products development, and quality inspection, so as to determine the protection degree (IP) of equipments enclosure. It’s kind of common environmental test chamber.

Technical Specifications


1. The below data are based on environmental temperature 25℃, and no load with the work chamber

2. Can be tailor made according to user’s specific requirements







Work chamber 800×800

×800 mm


×1000 mm

1000×1000×1000 1000×1500




Power 3.0kw 3.5kw 3.5kw 5.0kw 6.0kw
Dust concentration Talcum powder 2~4Kg/ m3
Dust particle size 1~10um(particle≤5um  occupy 50% )
Test temperature RT+10℃~50℃
Flow rate No over than 2m/s
Sieve aperture 75μm
Test dust Dry talcum powder, silicon cement,
Controller Imported LCD display, PLC program control
Control mode PID+SSR output
Sensor  PT100Ω/MV
Heating system Mica plate heating  cycle

Dust blow system

Centrifuge blower
Protection system Electric leakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheat
Timing function 0.1~999.9(S,M,H) adjustable
Enclosure material Quality carbon steel sheet, static plastic spray treatment
Liner material SUS304  sheet

Door frame sealing

double layer high low temperature aging resistance silicon rubber sealing strip
Standard accessories SUS sample frame 2pcs, test fairlead(Ø50,Ø80,Ø100mm)1set

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