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Salt Spray Testing Chamber

salt spray testing chamber



The salt spray testing chamber is used to test the salt spray resistance of materials or products under specific temperature & humidity within a certain time scope, it’s kind of common environmental testing equipment.

Test methods

NSS test, SS test,  ASS test,  CASS test

Configuration & protection system

Intelligent high accuracy digital pid mcu controller

Quality brand electric parts

U type corrosion resistance alloy high speed heating pipe

SNS pneumatic parts

Second level pressure regulation filter protection

Tailor made quartz glass nozzle

Sodium sulphide analytical pure

Fuse free protection switch

Testing chamber water leakage protection

Over temperature protection

Test running indication

Test ends indication

Saline high, low prompt

Saturator high low level prompt

Technical Specifications

Model CT-YW150 CT-YW250 CT-YW750 CT-YW010 CT-YW016 CT-YW020

Working chamber size


450×600×450 600×900×500 750×1100×550 850×1300×600 850×1600×600 900×2000×600

Temp. range

Room temperature(RT)—55 Degree C

Temp. Uniformity

±2 degree C

Humidity range


Temperature fluctuation

≤±0.5 Degree C

Sale fog Settling volume

1–2ml / 80cm2. h

Spraying mode

 continuous, period free selection(state when ording)

Temperature sensor


Timing range

0-9999 H.M.S

Spraying time

0.1-99 H.M.S

Total power

1.5KW 3.0KW 3.5KW 4.5KW 6.0KW 6.5KW
Power supply 50Hz  /  220V,380V  3 phase 4wire

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