Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Rolling thin film oven (RTFOT)

LBH-85 asphalt rolling thin film drying oven

Model: LY-0610


The Rolling thin film oven is used to determine the paving asphalt quality loss after RTFT process, it can also test the needle penetration value, viscosity, ductility, brittle point of asphalt residue after RTFT process, thus to determine the asphalt aging properties.


a. The drying cabinet is mainly comprised of electric control part, drying cabinet chamber, mechanical transmission device, there is light in the chamber to enable easy observation from outside.

b. There is air compressor inside the drying cabinet to supply air needed for testing, the air will go through the flow meter on the panel first, then will go into the cooper tube inside the ventilation channel for preheating, then it will be sprayed to the specimen flask by the nozzle.

c. High precision intelligent temperature control meter can guarantee the chamber temperature can rise to 163℃±0.5℃ within 10mins after specimen installed.

Technical Specifications

1.Working  power  AC 220V±10%, 50Hz
2.Heating power  2.4KW
3.Working  temperature  163℃
4.Temperature  control Accuracy ±0.5℃
5. Rotation plate Rotation speed (15±0.2)r/min
 6.Air mass flow (4000±200)ml /min.
7.Timing set 450mm×450mm×510mm(L×W×H)
8.Ambient temperature (5~50)℃
9.RH  ≤85%
Total power consumption ≤2.6kW

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