Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Full-Function Rebar detector(Location, quantity, protective layer thickness, corrosion)


Standard: JGJ/T152-2008

Model: CDI-R800


1. Dust/water/shock proof

2. Rebar+ corrosion detection

3. WIFI transmission, remote management function

4. Double probe, suitable for fast scan and complicated and small structural body.


Main machine

Double Probe transducer


Carrying case

Technical specifications

Suitable rebar size Ф6mm~Ф50mm Corrosion detection mode Unipolar Bipolar
 Protective layer thickness range(mm) First range Second range Corrosion measuring range ±1000mV 0~1000 mV
3~98 3~196 Corrosion measure accuracy ±0.1mV ±0.1mV
Protective  layer thickness max allowed error ±1 mm 3~56 3~79 Corrosion measure point distance X 0~100cm 20cm
±2 mm 57~69 80~119 Corrosion measure point distance Y 0~100cm 0~100cm adjustable
±4 mm 70~98 120~196 Power supply Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery
Maximum allowed error of rebar diameter ±1mm Continuous  working time 38 hours
Data transmission U flash disk, wireless transmission Overall size 212mm×134mm×50mm
USB interface U flash disk storage Net weight 0.9kg

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