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Rebar Alternating Bending Testing Machine

Rebar Alternating Bending Testing Machine


Model:  GWQ-40B

Standards: GB/T1499-1998, GB/T232-1999, YB/T5126-2003


Turning platen type bending device, adjustable gap, bending angle indication, setting, automatic stop, inching function, reliable working, easy operation. It’s kind of common material testing machine.

Compare with UTM

 Term  GWQ-40B Universal testing machine(UTM)
 Bending angle

Positive bending 0-180°, negative bending 0-25°

Positive bending can’t reach 180°, can’t negative bend
Sample installation  one time  one time
Sample unload  Translation  Translation
Test rate  Fast  Slow
Slim sample  One time multi pcs  One time multi pcs
Working platform small, easy sample install and unload  large or high
Support double support  Double support
Professional  professional  Multipurpose
Floor space  Small  Large
Space height  High  High
Angle indication  LCD display  human observation
 Angle judgement  automatic stop as per angle  

Human stop

Inching fine tuning

 yes  no

Technical specifications

Max bending diameter Φ40mm     
Positive bending angle Positive bending angle:0-180° negative bending angle:<25°
Piston lifting speed V1=80mm/min 
Piston descent speed V2=160mm/min
Piston stroke 270mm        
Motor power N=0.37KW   
Power supply 380V/220V     
Angle indication Digital display
Max test force 160KN       
Net weight   500Kg     
Overall size 550x380x1800mm
Bending type turning platen type

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