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Rapid freeze thaw test chamber


Model: HDR


《Normal concrete long-term performance and durability test methods》GB/T  50082-2009

《Hydraulic concrete test regulations》SL352-2006

《Concrete match ratio design regulation》JGJ55-2000

《Normal concrete mechanical performance test standards》GB/T50081-2002

《Road engineering cement and concrete test regulations》JTGE30-2005


The concrete rapid freeze thaw test chamber is used to test the concrete specimen freeze resistance in laboratory, it’s kind of very common concrete testing equipment.

1.7 inch colorful LCD, touch screen control
2.human friendly design, LCD real-time display temperature variation conditional curve,
3.built-in printer for real time data print
4.Solid-state relay control, no electric magnetic filed interference, guarantee long-term stable operation
5.lower computer mass capacity storage ability
6.upper computer software can batch import history data to computer, also can real time control the test and print conditional curve, thus for easier analysis.

Technical specifications

Model HDR-9 HDR-5 HDR-3
Type Split type Integration type Integration type
Max specimen capacity 28pcs 16pcs 10pcs
Temperature range -25℃~25℃
Temperature uniformity Between points<2℃
Test accuracy ±0.5℃
Display resolution 0.1℃
Outdoor unit size(mm)  1150*1000*800(L*W*H)  1710*800*1020(L*W*H) 1350*900*900(L*W*H)
Indoor unit size(mm) 1120*810*720(L*W*H)

Control electric cabinet size(mm)

500*400*200 (L*W*H)
Specimen size(mm) 100*100*400(L*W*H)
Specimen bucket size (mm) 120*120*500(L*W*H)
Specimen surrounding water thickness 3mm
Total power 3.6KW 3KW 2.8KW
Heating power 3.6KW 3KW 2.8KW
Condensor  cooling mode Air cooling
Freeze thaw cycle time 2.5~4hrs,thawing time no less than 1/4 of total cycling period
Centre temperature control 8~-17±2℃
Liquid temperature control High temperature:18~23℃    low temperature:-23~-18℃
Diagonal temperature control Temperature range less than 2℃
Secondary protection temperature control 50℃~-30℃
Temperature recorder Built-in mass memory
Recycling medium -45℃ antifreezeing
Recycling medium filling amount             Liquid level 10-15mm higher than the specimen
Refrigeration compressor 5HP semi-sealing imported compressor 4HP whole-sealing imported compressor 3HP Whole-sealing compressor
Power supply 3N380V  50Hz
Net weight 400KG 310KG 240KG
Antifreezing solution 65L 50L 25L
Specimen frame 1Pc
Test plastic bucket 28 Pc 16 Pc 10 Pc
Temperature sensor 5pcs, 1 as spare part
Serial port communication cable 1pc, 2m
Al-Plastic connector (32*25) 4pcs Host integration
PPR connection pipe 1pc,5m
Heat-insulation pipe 3pcs
User manual and warranty card 1pc
Software disc 1pc
Dynamic modulus tester Optional
Desk type computer Optional

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