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Rapid Concrete Alkali tester


Model: HJL-C

Test method: ISE( Ion Selective Electrode)

Test index: Alkali content of concrete and raw material( equivalent of Na2O percentage)


The alkali ( Kalium, Na ion) will react with active silica in the aggregates under specific humidity environment condition, thus will result concrete structure expansion and cracking, so the alkali content test is very important for concrete quality assessment, the concrete rapid alkali content tester is kind of very important concrete durability test instrument.

Standards: CECS53:93, CECS220: 2007

It can test fresh concrete, wet concrete, hardened concrete powder sample etc, concrete raw material( cement, additive).


1. Rapid test

2. Ion anti-interference agent avoid the interference of other metal ion

3. High accuracy Kalium, Na ion combined electrode

4. Large screen LCD, portable printer

5. Self-diagnose function, PC analysis software available

6. Mass data storage, can storage 100 groups data

7. Continuous data record.

Technical specifications

Power supply: AC 220V

Work voltage: DC 3.6V

Test range: 0.001%~30.000%

Test accuracy: ≤10%

Operation temperature: 0℃~45℃

Resolution: 0.001

Main machine size: 180*70*30(mm)

Main machine weight: 0.4 kg

Main machine overall size: 390*310*150(mm)

Total weight: 4.5kg

Data storage: 100 groups

PC communication baud rate: 2400

Sampling time: ≤3min

Stand-by time: >24 hr

LCD size: 128*128

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