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Precision Air blast drying oven

precision air blast drying oven

Model: BPG


1. Human-friendly design

a. Large LCD display, easy in operation and observation

b. mirror stainless steel interior liner, semi-arc with four corners, split holder free unloading, easy for cleaning work.

2.Programmable multi-segments controller features(optional)

a. programmable control on temperature, time, temperature rising speed, speedy heating drying.

b. 15 segments 30 steps programmable program can be preset, each segment set time for 199 hrs 99mins, circulation fan rotation speed adjustable.

c. programmable control for easier test process, reach automatic control and running.

3.Self-diagnose function

a. Running error indication on display when error occurred;

4.Easier data processing(optional)

can connect with printer, 485 Communication port or USB interface, easy for print and data transmission.

5. Safety-guaranteed function

a. thickened wall and door design guarantee user’s safety

b. independent temperature limit alarm system, sound-light alarm, guarantee safe operation

c. temperature high low limit alarm

6.Superior energy-saving design

a. less power consumption

b. new type silicon compounds sealing strip can prevent heat loss and prolong heating parts tooling life, 25% less thermal power with traditional equipment.

Technical specification

Type BPG-9056A BPG-9106A BPG-9156A
Power supply AC220    50Hz
Input power 700W 1100W 1600W
Control range RT+10~200℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Constant temperature fluctuation ±1℃
Temperature uniformity 2.5%
Shelf 2pcs 3pcs
Liner size
375*370*370 455*430*510 560*530*595
Volume 50L 100L 175L
Timing range 1~9999min

Optional parts

Multi-segment programmable temperature controller

Built-in printer

Independent temperature limit controller

Rs 485 port and communication software

Text alarm system

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