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UH-2 Portable Ultrasonic hardness tester

ultrasonic hardness tester for chromeplated parts

Model: UH-2

Standards: DIN 50159-1, ASTM-A1038-05, JB/T 9377-2010


This portable ultrasonic hardness tester is mainly used to test the metal Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, Brinell hardnss, it has no damage to the test objects, it’s the unique hardness tester which has no damage to the part.

Suitable objects

It’s suitable for fine grain material parts of any shape and size, including below:

Electroplated coatings, nitration layer, carburized layer, sheet metal, small parts, and other parts can’t be measured by normal portable hardness tester;

Parts need no damage and indentation on surface

Large parts, hard to known-down parts, irregular parts


No damage to the objects-no visible indentation on surface

High accuracy

Rapid test

Stable performance

Wide test range

Thin parts testable

Irregular parts testable

Mass storage capacity

Wifi bluetooth printer

Usb interface available

Multi kinds of probe optional for different test requirements

Technical specifications

Test range HRC 20-70, HV 20-1740, HB  76-618
Indicting accuracy ±1.0 HRC(HRC in 55-70), ±3% HV/HB complies to DIN 50159-1
Load 10Nf±1Nf
Pressure head 136°diamond
Data storage capacity 999groups( 5data in each group)
Testable part min width 1mm
Testable part min thickness 1.5mm(5N probe)
Testable plating layer min thickness 8um(chromeplated)
Continuous working timePower supply 8hrs2000mah 7.4V rechargeable battery or 220V AC Power
Overall size 178×84×36mm
Probe length 150mm
Net weight 400g
Ambient temperature -10℃~50℃



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