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Portable Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester

portable King Brinell hardness tester

Model: PHB-3000

Standards: ISO 6506 and ASTM E110


 The portable hydraulic Brinell hardness tester is kind of an advanced hardness tester, it applies 3000kgf test force on a 10mm carbide indenter. hydraulic loading, The central part of PHB-3000 is a small hydraulic system in which a release valve is used to control the test force. When the force reaches 3000kg, the release valve will open and the pressure will release.

No affect by the material compositions or shape

High accuracy test data, good repeatability, good correspondence with tensile strength.

Suitable to be used in site

It can be used to test rough castings, forgings, nonferrous metals and semi-finished products after tempering heat treatment. On-site test of steel products, nonferrous metal, castings, forgings, and semi-finished heat treatment parts. Applied to too large parts for desk testers to test. Replace Leeb testers which are in low accuracy and reliability. Indentation could be read by indentation automatic measurement system and hardness valves displayed directly.


1. Manually loading

2. On-site Testing: It can be used in workshop, simple operation, easy carrying, and testing body hardness of large parts piece by piece.

3. Permanent Indentation: By 3,000kgf and 10mm test ball, the indentation is permanent for re-inspecting.

4. High Accuracy: Indication error, repeatability error and test force accuracy meet the ISO, and ASTM standards, equal to the benchtop models.

5. Immune to material shape: As long as can clamp the parts, it could test parts in any shape and size.

6. Wide Test Range:It could test various kinds of common metal materials by its combination of different test force and test head

Technical Specifications

Test Force: 3000kgs(1000kgs, 750kgs, 500kgs optional)

Test Ball: 10mm Carbide alloy test ball(5mm optional)

Test Range: 32~650HBW

Opening Dimension: 350mm (Height) x 100mm (Throat depth)

Indicator Error: complies with ISO 6506, and ASTM E10.

Repeatability Error: complies with ISO 6506, and ASTM E10.

Test Force Error: complies with ISO 6506, and ASTM E10.

Net Weight: 18kg

Gross weight: 22kg

Packing size: 420*720*450mm

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