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Portable Ash & GCV Tester For Coal Quality Inspection

portable Ash & GCV Tester

Model: BHR-300


The portable ash & GCV tester is used to test the coal quality, it’s kind of very common coal testing equipment.


Coal mine for real time coal quality monitoring

Coal enterprise to monitor the transportation

Power plant, paper factory, cement plant, coking plant, fertilizer plant and other using coal enterprise to monitor the coal quality

Coal interchange station, port to monitor the coal quality

Insitu coal quality inspection on car, train, coal dump

Technical Specifications

Display mode Large LCD display
Display parameters Car number, ash, calorific value, measuring time, group number, average calorific value
Battery Panasonic, SANYO high capacity professional battery, can continuous work for 65hours
Applications Various kinds of coal
Calibration method As per different coal type or by similar type
Accuracy When ash content ≤20%,  error <1%ash
When ash content ≤30% , error<1.5%ash
When ash content≤40% , error<2%ash
When ash content≤50%, error<2.5%ash
Interface Serial port, Bluetooth, large power wireless(optional, max 4.5KM distance)
Per test time Max 30s
Working environment -10-40 degree C
Overall size


Net weight 4.5kg
Storage capacity 9000 groups, 3000 cars(each car 3 units information)


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