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Plate Load tester

SRTK-30 plate load tester

Model: K-30


The plate load tester is used to determine the “K” value of road, railway road base, soil foundation.

Technical specification

Jack stroke: 0-120mm, loading range: 0-6T

Pressure testing range: 0-20Mpa

Displacement testing range:0-10mm, testing span: 3000mm

Working ambient:  0-45℃

Operation direction

1. Place the apparatus on the flat ground, it’s better to pave some fine sand on the ground.

2. Drive the loading test car leave from the testing point, the distance should over than 1m, let the large beam right upper the loading plate.

3. Place the jack on the loading plate

4. Install the measuring bridge, place it at the symmetrical point against the testing point.

5. Rotate the jack lifting screw rod, let it contact the large beam, if not long enough, can use the extension bar

6. Install the dial gauge on the holder, let the dial gauge measuring rod vertically fall on the loading plate.

7. To stabilize the loading plate, firstly load some pressure (0.035MPa), then unload, read the dial gauge value as the sinking.

8. Set 1/8——1/10 of maximum load as the step-load, load in step. If the maximum loading is difficult to estimate, then increase 0.035MPa (bearing plate strength) by step, once every load, record the loading strength and sinking after sink stops.

9.When the loading strength surpass the estimated filed actual contacting pressure, or reach the base yielding point, should stop the test immediately.


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