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Petroleum asphalt four components tester

Digital emulsified asphalt four component tester

Standards: JTG E20-2011 T 0618

Model: LY-0618A


This Petroleum asphalt four components tester is used to determine the saturate, aromatics, of petroleum asphalt, it also can test diesel, fuel oil, lubricant, asphalt and asphaltene.

Technical specifications

a. Heating furnace

1. Heater power: 100W~1000W, stepless regulation;

2.Overall size: 270mm×160mm×115mm

3. Total consumption: ≤1200W

b. Circular constant temperature water bath

1. Volume: 10L

2.Temperature range: -10℃~95℃

3.Temperature accuracy: ±0.2℃

4. Circular water flow: ≥4L/min

5.Overall size: 530mm×400mm×430mm

6.Power consumption: ≤ 1100W

c. Base and column

Base size: 345×210mm

Column height: 1120mm

Main configuration

1. Asphalt extractor: ball type condenser and 100ml extractor

2. Glass adsorption column: outer clamp, circular hot water temperature insulation

3. Cone glass flask: 250mL

4. Measuring cylinder: 20mL, 50mL,100mL

5. Silicon gel: fine hole, grading 0.42-0.15mm (40-100 mesh)

6.Quantitate filter paper: middle speed, Φ110mm~125mm

Main optional accessories

1. Vacuum oven: 267Pa vacuum degree (2mm Hg)

2. High temperature oven: 0℃~1000℃, automatic temperature controller

3. Balance: 120g/0.1mg

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