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Pendulum impact tester for glass in building

Standards: BS EN 12600

This equipment is used to test the impact strength of building glass material under EN 12600 standard, dual tyre type impactor body,  adjustable drop height, controlled test.

The equipment is comprised of frame, sample holder, impactor body, lifting arm, height measuring unit, controller

Technical specifications

Impactor height 190,450,1200mm
Impactor dual tyre with metal cylinder in center
Controller Button
Main frame 100mm channel steel
Swing arm radius 1524mm
Impactor weight 50kg±0.1kg
Impactor pressure 350±20kpa
Impactor tyre 3.50-R8 4PR,   round sectional and flat longitudinal tyre surface(see fig. 1)
Impact height difference 0-30mm
Glass sample dimension w(1938±2*h(876±2mm)
Sample holding frame internal dimension H1910±5xw847±5mm
Rubber strip dimension Width:20±2mm,thickness:10±1mm hardness: 60±5irhd
Steel strand dia. 5mm±0.1mm
Steel strand rope length ≥1524mm
Height measuring unit Height rod
Tyre tripping mode Automatic
Fixing mode Foundation bolt fixing
Machine overall dimension W1200±5×l1800±5×h2900±5mm
Net weight 680kg
Power supply Ac240v,50hz, >2m power cable
Frame material Stainless steel+wood

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