Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Nonmetal ultrasonic detector, Ultrasonic pile integrity tester

EI-UD-MC Non-metal ultrasonic detectorUltrasonic PIT system


Description & Applications

This instrument has the following four application areas:

1. Ultrasonic transmission method detection: pile integrity, continuous wall integrity;

2.Ultrasonic-rebound comprehensive method detection:  concrete strength;

3. Ultrasonic method detection: concrete crack depth, uncompacted area and honeycomb holes, junction surface quality, surface damaged layer thickness;

4. impact-echo method : concrete interior defects, concrete thickness and defect

Technical specification

Model CDI-U520A CDI-U520 CDI-U510
Control  way Industry professional system
Display 6.4Inch, highlight, TFT colorful LCD
Operation  mode Presskey+knob
Storage  mode 256M+ large storage U flash disk
Signal sampling way Single/double channel automatic continuous rapid sampling Single/double channel manual point by point sampling Single channel manual point by point sampling
Channel  number 1 launch + 2 receive+ outer trigger 1 launch + 1 receive
Trigger  way Signal trigger, outer trigger Signal trigger
Sampling period 0.05μs~400μs, 14 steps adjustable
Sound-time accuracy 0.05μs
Sound time testing range 0~629000μs
Amplification gain 82 dB
Frequency band width 10~250kHz
Receiving sensitivity ≤30μV
Gain accuracy 0.5 dB
Launch voltage 65,125, 250, 500V, 1000V adjustable
launch pulse width 20μs~20ms
communication port Standard USB
Power  supply mode Battery High power Li battery, continuous 6 working hours
AC power supply 220±%V, 50/60Hz
Main  machine size (mm) 250×185×58
Main  machine weight 1.8kg(Including built in battery)
Working  environment Temperature 0℃~+40℃
Humidity <90%RH

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