Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Non-nuclear Soil density moisture gauge (EDG)

SDG-210 non nuclear soil density gauge EDG

Model: SDG-210


Safe in operation, keeping, storage, transportion

Can replace nuclear density gauge and sand cone test set

High measuring accuracy

Easy in operation, no special training needed for operators

Rapid test, 2-3min results obtained, high work efficiency, lower working strength

Won’t affected by unevenness in part soil, higher accuracy when used for engineering measuring

Adherent temperature transducer can improve the measuring accuracy

Quality & reliable point-to-point RF technology, guarantee accurate and reliable signal

English operation language available




Wet density range

Within Standard compacted soil on-situ range

Wet density accuracy

0~3% of standard measurement

Moisture content range

Within Standard on-situ compacted soil range

Moisture content accuracy

0~2% of standard measurement

Working ambient


-10 ~ 50


< 90%

Power supply


Lithium battery


220V AC/DC

Working hour

> 5h

Main machine dimension


Main machine weight

1.25(with battery) kg

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