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Non-contact concrete shrinkage deformation tester

concrete non-contact shrinkage deformation tester

Standards: GB/T 50082-2009

Model: HNJ-NES


This shrinkage deformation tester is suitable to test the early period concrete shrinkage and expansion deformation, also can test the concrete expansion deformation under nonrestraint status. It’s tested by electro eddy current sensor.

Test method: eddy current

Test index: displacement, temperature, humidity


1. Eddy current displacement transducer guarantee stable performance, accurate test

2. True color touch screen operation, friendly interface, easy in operation

3. Reliable operation system guarantee reliable and stable running when under unattended operation

4. Direct display of curve on shrinkage and TEMP& HUMI variation

5. Built-in printer

6. Power-failure automatic recovery

7. Mass memory for data storage

8. Easy operation for displacement transducer probe adjusting device

9. Integration temp & Humi transducer for real-time and sync. monitoring.

10. Special interface equipped for one-time use low cost digital temperature transducer which can be embedded inside the specimen for sync real-time monitoring on the interior temperature

Technical specification

Working power supply: AC 220V

Test range: 2.0mm, 3.0mm

Test accuracy:  2μm, 16-Bit AD Sampling

Temperature accuracy: ±0.3

Humidity accuracy: ±2%

Working temperature: 0 +40

Working humidity: non-condensate

Standard configurations

1. Main machine

2. Temp & Humi transducer

3. Digital temperature transducer: 4pcs

4. Displacement transducer probe: 6pcs

5. Displacement transducer probe support: 6sets

6. Market, marker support: 6sets

7. U flash disk, sd card

8. Usb-rs232 cable

9. Power cable

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