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MP-3000A Vibration Tester

MP-3000A vibration testing machine


The MP-3000 smart vibration tester is used to test the vibration resistance of electric device and other products, controlled by MCU unit, can record the current vibration time forever, no data loss even power failure, also can monitor the vibration amplitude, the most outstanding features is that in case that the equipment is stopped after test or under sudden power failure, system will record the current vibration time, automatic reset, thus can avoid the damage of the machine caused by surge voltage when restarting, thus reduce the machine failure rate. So this machine is much more reliable on working performance.


Advanced soft start circuit, more stable running

Full automatic setting, easy operation

Can remember the current vibration time and amplitude, no loss even power failure

When power off or failure, system will save data and reset automatically

Intelligent digital protection circuit thus avoid the defects caused by surge voltage when starting, easy operation

Large LCD display, can freely set and storage the vibration amplitude degree, vibration amplitude from 0-100 continuously adjustable

Sync display: vibration amplitude degree, vibration test setting time, current vibration running time;

The preset vibration amplitude can be reached within 3s when starting

Technical specifications

  1. Max rated loading: 40kg
  2. Power supply: ac 110 / 220v/50hz(+2%)
  3. Vibration amplitude monitoring value: 100%(display 100)
  4. Time setting value: 1s-100hr(indicating value:99:59:59)
  5. Power: 0.9kw
  6. Vibration direction: vertical
  7. Zero-load vibration amplitude:0-±2mm
    1. 0-15kg load: 0-±2mm
    2. 30kg-40kg load: 0-±1.8mm
  8. Working platform size: 400mm×350mm×16mm(l×w×h)
  9. Overall size: 400mm×350mm×280mm(l×w×h)


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