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Middle Pressure Filter Press for Drilling Fluids Mud / Slurry test

filter press for drilling liquids testAPI middle pressure filter press


             ZNS-2                                                                     SD-3



API driling fluids middle pressure filter pressAPI drilling fluids six gang middle pressure filter press

                    SD4                                                                      SD6



The filter press is used to determine the filtration amount and to make the filter cake, it’s manufactured as per API standards. It’s widely used in oilfield, geological survey, laboratory drilling fluids analysis.

Technical Specifications

Term Specification
Effective Filtration Area 45.6cm2
Working Pressure 0.69mpa
Drilling Liquid Cup Injection Rate 240ml/Single Cup
Drilling Liquids Limit Pressure 1Mpa


ZNS-2 Middle pressure filter press Aluminum drilling liquids cup
ZNS-2A Middle pressure filter press Stainless steel  drilling liquids cup
SD3 Triple gang middle pressure filter press Triple gang aluminum / stainless steel  drilling liquids cup
SD4 Four-gang middle pressure filter press Four-gang  aluminum / stainless steel  drilling liquids cup
SD6 Six-gang middle pressure filter press Six-gang   aluminum / stainless steel  drilling liquids cup



Base assembly: comprised of base, support, they support the instrument

Drilling liquid assembly: cup, cup cover, filter screen, compress screw, compress knob.


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