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MFR MVR MFI Melt Flow Indexer, Melt Flow Rate Tester

Melt flow index tester MFI MFR MVR


Model: MFR-400C

Standards: GB/T 3682-2000, ISO 1133-2005


This melt flow rate tester is suitable to test polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS resin, also suitablefor test of high melt temperature materials such as polycarbonate, fluoroplastics, nylon and other engineering plastics. Thus it’s kind of a very common plastic material testing equipment.

Test Objects

Lower melt temperature: LDPE, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS Resin,

Higher melt temperature: Polycarbonate, fluoroplastics, nylon, engineering plastics


Manual melt mass flow rate test

Automatic melt mass flow rate test,

Automatic melt volume flow rate test

Automatic melt density

Automatic material cutting

Built in printer print MFR & MVR test result

FLASH storage unit which can storage 20units manual MFR test result, 20 units Automatic MFR & MVR test

result, 50units melt density under different temperature & materials.

Test result print, review, delete


Compact structure, easy operation, accurate test, stable performance

LCD English display, keyboard input, easy setting of time, temperature, sampling times

32bits high grade single chip as control core, fast calculation speed, high accuracy

24bits American AD company made A/D converter, fast & accurate temperature sampling,

Embedded operation system for efficient and accurate control

Test data can be calculated, stored, printed

MFR & MVR mode test available, also can test melt density

Automatic/manual cutting mode available

Built-in Micro printer print

FLASH storage unit which can storage 20units manual MFR test result, 20 units Automatic MFR & MVR test result, 50units melt density under different temperature & materials.

Technical specifications

Extrusion part

Discharge hole diameter Φ2.095±0.005mm
Discharge hole length 8.000±0.025mm
Charge cylinder internal diameter Φ9.550±0.025mm
Charge cylinder length 152±0.1mm
Piston rod diameter Φ9.475±0.015mm
Piston rod length 6.350±0.100mm
Piston rod effective stroke 30mm
Measuring parameters
Temperature range Room temperature~400
Temperature control range ±0.2
Temperature fluctuation ±0.2
Temperature resolution 0.1
Temperature recovery time ≤4min
Measuring mode MFR, MVR, Melt density test
Measuring range O.1 ~ 300g/ 10min(MFR),0.1 ~ 240 cm3/10min(MVR)
Total load Total 8 grades, 8 sets of weight
Timing accuracy 0.1s(MFR,MVR)
Cutting mode Automatic(during process),manual(when adjusting)
Max dissection number 9times
Max dissection interval 9999.9s
Storage capacity 20units
Printer Panel thermal printer
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Power 490W
Net weight 42kg(not including weight)
Overall size 290×410×630mm

 Standard Configurations

1. Weights from 2# to 8#

2. Piston rod assembly, including piston, cooper guiding sleeve, 1# weights

3. Feeding hopper, feeding rod, clean rod, die cleaning rod, receiving plate

4. Key part: die, I.D. Φ2.095±0.005mm, length 8.000±0.025mm, made of carbon tungsten alloy

5. Level meter


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