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Manual Centrifuge for Drilling liquid test

manual centrifuge for drilling liquids test


Model: SY-2


The purpose to use potassium ion in drilling liquids is to stabilize the shale and restrain the expansive clay. The SY-2 model manual centrifuge is used  for content determination of potassium ion in the drilling liquid filter liquor when the potassium ion concentration is higher than 5000mg/l,or the KCI concentration is higher than3.5lb/bbl. Use perchlorate to precipitate the potassium ion in centrifuge tube, then measure the sediment volume and can obtain the potassium ion content on the standard curve. It’s kind of common drilling liquids testing instrument.

Technical specifications

Working rotation speed: constant 1800rpm

Test tube: 10ml centrifuge kolmer


The manual centrifuge is comprised of cover, gear, handle, test tube holder, body clamping device

Please check the below detailed form

No. Encode Name Qty
1 SY-2-01-0 Clamping Deive 1
2 SY-2-02 Gap 1
3 SY-2-03 Large Gear 1
4 SY-2-04 Polish Rod Long Shaft 1
5   Workbench 1
6 SY-2-05 Small Gear 1
7 SY-2-06 Gear Column 1
8 SY-2-07 Large Cone Gear 1
9 SY-2-08 Shaft 1
10 SY-2-09 Small Cone Gear 1
11 SY-2-10 Jacket 1
12 SY-2-11 Sleeve 1
13 GB61700 Bearing 1
14 SY-2-12-3 Test Tube 2
15 GB818-85 Half-Round Head Screw M5×6 2
16 SY-2-12-1 Clip 2
17 Kolmer 10ml Centrifuge Test Tube 2
18 SY-2-12 Test Tube Stand 1
19 SY-2-14 Base Plate 1
20 SY-2-15 Stop Pin 1
21 SY-2-19 Handle 1


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