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Magnetic heating stirrer, Magnetic hotplate stirrer

Magnetism heating stirrer


The magnetic heating stirrer can work inside a closed container, the stirrer features high temperature resistance, wearing resistance, chemical resistance, strong magnetism., it’s ideal laboratory stirring device in laboratory.


High quality DC motor, low noise, stable speed-regulation;

The full-closed heating plate can be assistant heat

The stirrer is made of PTFE and magnetic steel, it features high temperature resistance, wearing resistance,

Can work inside closed container, easy in use.

Technical specifications

Model Motor power Rotation speed range(RPM) Heating power Temperature digital display Temperature control range Remark
85-1 40W 0-1250 200W  
85-2 40W 0-1250 200W RT-150℃  
78-1,78-2 25W 0-1400 200W 78-2 bi-direction
78HW-1 40W 0-1400 250W RT-100℃  
79-1,79-2 40W 0-1800 300W 79-2 bi-direction
HJ-1 25W 0-1400 200W  
HJ-2 25W*2 0-1600 200W Dual head
HJ-3 40W 0-1250 300W Digital display pointer type
HJ-4 25W*4 0-1600 200W four ends
HJ-4B 25W*4 0-1600 200W RT-100℃ Four ends
DF-2 60W 0-1250 500W Digital display RT-300℃ water bath, oil bath
DF-101B 60W 0-1250 500W Digital display RT-300℃ Dry-Braised
DF-101S 60W 0-1250 800W Digital display RT-300℃ Dry-Braised, water bath, oil bath

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