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Low Temperature Refrigerator

low temperature refrigerator

Model: CDW-8680


This Refrigerator is suitable for storage of fish, low temperature test of electric components, special material, also storage of plasma, chemical materials, vaccine, reagent, easy to extract and storage.


Refrigeration system: unique mixed-refrigerant J-T refrigerator design, high efficiency refrigeration, low noise power saving, imported brand compressor, fan motor, green refrigerants.

Control system: imported electric temperature controller, digital display, cabinet temperature -15°C to  -45°C adjustable; high low temperature alarm, sensor error alarm, safety using guaranteed.

Structure design: double door seal, high density thick thermal insulation layer, good thermal insulation. All cooper evaporator, no leakage, simple structure of refrigeration system, handle design ensure reliable performance and safe sample and easy door open; bottom with universal wheel with self-lock, easy movement.

Technical specifications

Model CDW-8680
Cabinet type Vertical/Horizontal
Effective volume 80L
Temperature range -40℃ ~ -86℃
Climatic type N
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz
Input power 450 W
Power 5.8Kwh/24h
Electrical shock protection protection degree I/B
Compressor SECOP(Danfoss)
Condenser cooling fan EBM
Temperature display Digital display
Alarm Sound / light alarm
Liner SUS
Split board SUS
Outer door Foam door
Inner door SUS
Overall dimension 860*965*1975 mm
Liner size 600*700*1300 mm
Net weight/gross weight 260/285 kg

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