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Los Angeles Abrasion machine

SRDM-3 Los angeles abrasion testing machine

Standards: ASTM C131, EN1097-2, AASHTO T-96, ASTM C 535

Model: LMH-2


The Los Angeles Abrasion Machine, also called as the LA abrasion machine for short, is used to determine the abrasion and impact resistance of coarse aggregates and by means of weight loss percentage. The Los Angeles Abrasion test tests the degradation of standard gradings of aggregates subjected to abrasion and impact in a rotating steel drum. The Los Angeles abrasion test is a universal method for grading the coarse aggregates worldwide.


Heavy steel cylinder and bass frame

Dust proof cover plate

Adjustable shelf positions

Safety stop button

Less noise

Technical parameters

1. Cylinder inner size: 710*510mm (D*L)

2. Drum rotation speed: 30-33rpm

3. Working voltage: AC380V or 220V, 50HZ

4. Counter: 5 digits, adjustable, automatic shut-off; push-button reset and adjustment

5. Set of 12 steel balls: φ48mm, 390-445g

6. Steel tray for specimen unloading


Auxiliary equipments for Los angeles abrasion test

  1. 10kg/5g electric scale
  2. Standard sieve, square opening 1.7mm sieve
  3. Drying oven 105±5 degree C
  4. Enamel pan

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