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Liquid petroleum asphalt distillation range tester

asphalt distillation range tester

Standards: JTG E20 T 0632

Model: LY-0632


This tester is used to determine the liquid petroleum asphalt distillates content in laboratory.

Main technical features

1. Integration lifting structure, easy lift and descend adjustment of heating furnace;

2. Electric pressure regulation technology of heating furnace, continuous and stepless regulation on heating power.

Technical specifications

1. Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz;

2. Flask shield: made by steel sheet, rectangular observe window on black plating flask cover;

3. Distillation flask: hardened glass, 500 degree C heat resistance. Ball dia. 102mm±2.0mm;

4. Thermometer:  0℃~360℃, resolution 1 degree C;

5. Condenser and supporter: 2pcs Dia. 12.5mm±0.5mm glass tube, supported by two frame;  

6. Heating temperature regulator: 1000W/220V, rate adjustable;

7. Measuring Cylinder: 100ml/0.5ml;

8. Electric oven gasket: Carbon silicon made, outer dia. 105 mm, inner dia. 50mm, 30mm;

9. Ambient temperature: -10℃~+35℃;

10. Relative humidity: ≤85%;

11. Total consumption: ≤1100W;

13. Overall size(mm): 310×220×450.

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