Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Light drop weight tester, Evd Dynamic deformation modulus tester

light-duty drop weight tester

Model: FWD-L100

Standard compliance: TB10414-2003 / TB10102-2004(China), TP BF-StB (Germany)

Application fields               

Pavement, railway, earthwork project

Kennel soil mass quality inspection

Construction bedding quality inspection

Pile hole, trial boring quality inspection

Construction foundation frame deformation modulus inspection


a. Faster & lower cost

Within 3mins for each test point, rapid results obtained;

No external loading device needed, no pollution, no nuclear

b. Easy operation, human-friendly

Light in weight, compact size, human-friend design

Easy access to even narrow test place.

c. Reliable, higher accuracy

Key parts such as Sensor, data logger, loading damper are original imported types from Germany, guarantee high reliability and accuracy.

Technical specifications

Loading device

Total weight: 15kg

Drop hammer weight: 10kg

Max. impact power: 7.07KN

Continuous impact time:17.0±1.5ms

Material: zinc plated steel / alloy steel

Loading plate

Diameter: 300mm

Thickness: 20.0mm

Weight: 15.0kg

Material: zinc-plate alloy steel

 Electric sink tester

Sink testing range: 0.1-2.0mm±0.02mm

Evd Pressure testing range: 10MPa-225MPa

Power supply: Lithium battery

Temperature application range: 0-40℃

Overall size: 368mm×268mm×168mm

Storage capacity: 2000 groups test curves

Weight: 4kg

Total Configurations

Loading device, pressure plate, electric sink meter, printer, PC software, operation manual, carrying case


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