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LCD Display Geosynthetics Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

geosynthetics hydrostatic pressure tester

Model: GT080S


This tester is used to test the impervious characteristics of non-woven geotextiles (one cloth one membrane, two cloth one membrane), it’s kind of common geosynthetics testing equipment.

Test principle

When the water head pressure reaches a specific value, the sample will broken; increase the water pressure difference and keep with a certain time, when the flow increase rapidly, means that the sample is broken, thus obtain the hydrostatic pressure value, this equipment has two functions, that’s hydrostatic pressure measurement and permeability index test.


GB/T17642–1998《Composite geomembrane permeability performance test method》GB/T 17642-2008《geosynthetics non-woven composite geomembrane permeability test method》GB/T19979《Geosynthetics impervious test method》 JTG E50-2006


High definition LCD display

Test disc use SUS 304 material, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, nice appearance

Multifunctional, can test either the hydrostatic pressure and the permeability index

Machine body surface with Dupont powder eletrostatic coating treatment, with 200 degree C high temperature solidification, guarantee long time no fastness.

Technical specifications

Pressure range: 0~4.0Mpa

Pressure resolution: 0.05 Mpa

Water collector inner diameter: 200mm

Perforated plate diameter: 3±0.05mm

Perforated plate hole gap: 6mm

Overall dimension: W 700×D 550×H 1650mm

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz,100W

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