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Laser tunnel section detector(Agency product)

EI-TD2 Laser tunnel section detector

Model :EI-TD3

Product usage

This type multifunctional laser detector for tunnel section owns all the functions of EI-2000 type profiler; in addition, it can also realize the front and rear section measurements, borehole instructions, surrounding rock convergence measurement and other functions. It makes the job of the construction units and supervision units easier in tunnel construction and tunnel inspection.

Product functions:

The instrument can quickly detect the front and rear section situation;

The instrument can reaAlize the deformation measurements for all kinds of surrounding rocks, such as convergence measurement;

The instrument can realize light-spot (borehole) indicating function and tunnel contour lofting.

Product characteristics

Independently researched and self-developed handheld computer;

Handheld control instrument makes measuring software interface friendly and operate easy;

Handheld computer can keep store the standard section data, and make comparison between current data and standard section data, and display real-time overbreak and underbreak data;

The instrument uses high-precision angle encoder and rangefinder which assure the basic performance reliably;

Instead of notebook PC on site, the dedicated handheld computer controlled instrument can realized the measurements;

Dedicated handheld computers are suitable for low temperature environment with dust and moisture resistant functions;

Professional post processing software is very powerful and makes the operation very easy, and can help automatically create professional reports;

Automatic measuring instrument

Main technical parameters

Detection radius: (0.2-60) cm;

Detection accuracy:±1mm;

Detection azimuth: 30°-330°;

Angular resolution: 0.01°;

Angular accuracy: better than 0.1 °;

Detection time: <60s;

Storage capacity:> 5000 groups;

Front and rear sections detection distance: 50m.

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