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Large Rock Direct Shear Testing Machine

heavy duty rock shear testing machine

Model: YZJ-W50


This rock direct shear testing machine is mainly used for direct test of: rock, contact face between concrete and rock, mortar and rock, as well as other contact face between concrete and other material, it’s kind of advanced rock testing equipment.

Main Features

Automatic control, test rate, force, displacement all controlled and indicated on computer, and perform automatic analysis and calculation;

Real time display and record test curve

Graphical test report function, easy operation

Real time display force value on normal direction, axial direction, peak value, test process information, current displacement

Displacement and force value automatic reset system built in software, avoid the human reading error;

Overload protection, when force or displacement surpass the rated value, will automatic unload and stop test;

Each test sample area, height, temperature can be edited as per actual condition;

Manual control system and computer control system available

Test process can be edited as per actual condition;

Pressure retain point can be set freely, each stage speed free setup, pressure retain time freely setup, shift to next step automatically after reach preset condition;

Noted: we can supply customized design for soil and rock direct shear testing machine, both for full automatic control or manual loading type.

Technical Specifications

Normal direction rated force F≤300kn or customized
Axial rated force F≤500kn or customized
Normal space ≤450mm
Horizontal space  ≤200mm
Shear loading speed v 0.1~30kn/s, free set
Loading indicating accuracy 0.01kn
Displacement measurement Computer sampling(0.001mm)。
Loading mode Electro hydraulic
Control mode Computer control and manual stepless speed dual control system
Power supply 380v/220v
Configuration Lenovo computer, 17inch lcd, hp color printer
Net weight 2000kg
Overall size 1120x800x1735mm


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