Civil engineering & Material Testing equipments

Intelligent Prestress tensioning equipment


Model: ZL-5


The prestress tensioning equipment is mainly used for pre-stressing the rods and cables that used in civil engineering construction, full automatic testing of load and elongation, higher prestress control with servo pump technology, whole process full automatic control.


  • Higher control accuracy of prestress with latest digital valve technology
  • Timely checking the elongation of cables and reach automatic control
  • Regularized tensioning process, less prestress loss, the whole tensioning process reaches intelligent control
  • Easy & friendly operation interface, good human-machine interactive function, no high requirement for operator
  • Wireless communication between controller and computer, no need cables, easy moving at site
  • Automatic test report generation, customized report formation, higher working efficiency.


 Technical specifications

  1. Max oil pressure: 60mpa
  2. Oil pump flow: 2X2.0L/min
  3. Jack capacity: 100-500T, on request
  4. Pressure sensor accuracy: ≤5%FS
  5. Loading measuring resolution: 1/80000
  6. Loading measuring accuracy ≤±1%
  7. Displacement sensor range: 225mm
  8. Displacement resolution: 0.1mm
  9. Displacement measuring accuracy ≤5%fs
  10. Loading keeping accuracy ≤0%fs
  11. Loading sync control accuracy ≤5%fs
  12. Power: 4.0kw
  13. Power supply: AC380v±10%
  14. Main machine overall size: 510mm ×670mm × 1080mm
  15. Net weight: 160kg


Standard configurations

  1. Main machine(measuring system & oil pumping system)
  2. 2pcs Hydraulic Jack
  3. Anchor group devices
  4. Oil pipes
  5. Testing software




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