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Intelligent Multifunctional Anchor Bolt Tester

multifunctional anchor bolt tester


This anchor bolt pull out tester can test the pull load of anchorage device, displacement, ambient temperature, real time displace test curve. It has powerful data storage function, it can save the displacement, force value, and curve automatically, it can save up to 10000 test data, and the data can be transferred through USB port to computer, then with the data can be analyzed though PC software.


High quality steel cast body, quick reset

Overload protection, digital readout, Dust-proof, Peak value maintain

Dust-proof system and high quality sealing ring with hydraulic cylinder guarantee long tooling life

Suitable for laboratory and field use

Hydraulic cylinder: 10T-30T: manual reset; 50T-100T: Self-reset, can equip electric pump

High strength alloy precision casting pump

Dual oil piping, plane rotary value, good sealing ability, light in weight

With quick coupling and sealing ring

Magnetic stand, easy installation & dismounting

Large LCD display, thin film keypress, high efficiency rechargeable power

Technical specifications

Model Oil cylinder center hole Oil tank travel Testing range Weight Normal anchorage device Pull Rod Conversion connector
MLD-10T 27mm 60mm 0-100kn 6Kg Φ6-20 M18 M6-20
MLD-20T 34mm 80mm 0-200kn 13Kg Φ6-25 M22 M6-24
MLD-30T 45mm 80mm 0-300kn 15Kg Φ6-32 M24 M6-27
MLD-50T 60mm 120mm 0-500kn 25Kg Φ6-32 M30 M6-39
MLD-100T 90mm 150mm 0-1000kn 58Kg Φ6-40 M40 M6-39

Standard Configuration

1. Manual pump

2. Hydraulic cylinder

3. Digital pressure gauge

4. 3m quick coupling high pressure oil pipe

5. Carrying case

6. Load cell

7. Displacement sensor

8. Portable Data logger

9. Magnetic stand

10. PC software

11. Communic ation cables

Optional parts

1. Anchorage device( Rebar test)

2. Conversion connector and pull rod( bolt test)


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