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Intelligent Concrete creep test apparatus

concrete creep apparatus

Model: HNJ-XB

Standards: GB/T50082-2009, SL352-2006


The creep test apparatus is used to test the concrete specimen deformation characteristics under constant temperature & humidity, long term constant axial loading. This apparatus uses precision pressure transducer, displacement sensor for real-time monitoring.


1.7  Inch color LCD touch screen operation, real-time indication of specimen compression, deformation, ambient temperature & humidity;

2.Wi-Fi data transmission to computer

3. Precision spoke pressure transducer, displacement transducer for real-time monitoring of specimen deformation status, pressure transducer features high decentration resistance, overload ability, sensitivity, guarantee test accuracy

4. Double-spring structure guarantee uniform elastic force on specimen, special-made high strength spring, high fatigue resistance long tooling life, little permanent deformation.

5. Optimized loading support structure design, easy for specimen positioning, pressure device positioning, transducer fixing, leveling and operation; foundation fixing device with loading support guarantee safe and stable work

6. Full automatic pressure measuring system, specialized electric hydraulic jack, easy loading and control.

7. Pressure plate made of high strength steel sheet, screw column made of 40Cr high strength steel, guarantee safe operation, creep pressure balance apparatus enable uniform pressure on specimen.

Technical specifications

Max test pressure: 500kN

Test range: 0-1000kN

Pressure relative error: ±1%

Spring compression travel: >20mm

Temperature & humidity transducer accuracy: ±0.5℃/±3%

Displacement transducer travel: 10mm, displacement transducer accuracy: 0.6%

Up/down pressure platen max space: 1200 mm

Automatic loading system pressure keeping time: >18hrs

Specimen size: 100×100×400mm, 2 pcs specimens sync. Test

Overall size: 600mm×600mm×2200mm

Standard configuration

Main machine

Hydraulic system: 1set

Portable daq set: 1set

Electric loading system: 1set

High precision displacement transducer: 2pcs

Displacement adjusting support: 1set

Temperature & humidity transducer 1set

Professional spanner: 1pc

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