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Ignitability tester EN ISO 11925-2


Standards: GB/T8626, ISO 11925-2:2002


The ignitability tester is used to test the ignitability of construction materials under specified conditions, mainly used for test of extruded sheet, moulding sheet, polystyrene board, polyurethane, phenolic aldehyde board

Technical specifications

Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz

Gas purity: >95%  propane gas, self prepared

Gas pressure: 10kpa~50kpa

Flue channel air flow rate: when under only light the burner and open the draught hood, the flue channel flow rate is 0.7m/s±0.1m/s.

Flame time: 0 ~99min 99s, freely setup

Continuous burning time: 0 ~99min 99s, freely setup

Timer accuracy: ≤1s/h

Burner size:  the burner aperture is 0.17mm, the burner is comprised of nozzle and control valve, and has 4pcs 4mm air inlet hole

Flame height: 20±2mm

Flame measuring tool: 20mm±0.1mm

Burner tilt angle: 45°

Ignition system:  high pressure electronic ignition, autoignition, reset.


The equipment is comprised of burning chamber, control cabinet, two parts

Flame box:L700*W400*H810mm

Cabinet material: quality sus platen, CNC forming, nice appearance, control cabinet uses electrostatic steel plate, surface paint spray treatment

Spray blow lamp: brass material

The other parts made of 304 SUS or A3 material with thicken electric painting treatment, corrosion resistant.


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