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HVS-5 Digital Small Load Vickers Hardness Tester

HVS-5 Digital Vickers hardness tester

Standards:  GB/T4340.2, ISO6507-2, ASTM E92


Direct loading, high test accuracy

Automatic input, lcd display, portable printer print test result

High accuracy optical measuring system, precision coordinate test bench

Automatic test process, no human error

Equipped with precision coordinate test bench, can measure the hardening depth and gradient

Can optional equipped with video and ccd imaging system


Carburized layer, ceramic, steel, non-ferrous metal

Thin sheet, metal sheet, galvanized coating

Nitration case, carburized layer, quench hardening layer gradient measurement

Suitable for parallel plane and micro parts & ultrathin parts precision vickers hardness measurement.

Technical specifications

Measurement range:5-3000HV

Test load: 1.961,2.942,4.903,9.807,19.61,24.52,29.42,49.03N(0.2,0.3,0.5,1,2,2.5,3,5kgf)

Specimen max allowed height: 130mm

Indenter to wall distance: 100mm

Min testing unit: 0.25μm

System amplification ratio: 500X,25X

Overall size: 438 x 376 x 685mm

Power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz

Net weight: 50kg

Standard Configuration

Coordinate test bench: 1pc, quill shaft test bench: 1pc, thin sheet test bench: 1pc

Large v shape block: 1pc, small v shape block: 1pc

Diamond pyramid indenter: 1pc

Standard Vickers hardness block:  2pc

Electric counter: 1pc

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